In the last years the Estate undertook a renewal of the vineyards as well as a continuous search for the best varieties in relation to the zone. Modern equipment and new techniques allow the Montrasio Family to manage every step of wine production with great care.
The Estate, using a natural, slow-aging process, produces an excellent DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin, authenticated trade-mark) red wine of the hills of Lucca.
The vineyards of white grapes produce a modern, yet optimal quality wine designed for the most demanding palates.
A small, but well-cared for piece of hill is used for the cultivation of olives. Its favourable position allows the production of a superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Estate, joined to the Wine-Roads of the Hills of Lucca and Montecarlo association, is opened for visits and wine-tasting in the weekdays upon rendevous.